Simple Belly Fat Loss Exercise For You.

Have you been seeking where to get tips and tutorial for belly fat loss exercise well you came to the right place.

What is belly fat?

1.Normally they are two major abdominal fats, ucutaneous fat: this is a the visible fat just below your skin.

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2.visceral fat: this is the fat deep embedded within your abdomen wrapped around the organs in that area.

In this case where talking about the visceral fat, this is the fat posing a greater health risk, this is the
Belly fat you want to lose by engaging in Belly fat exercises.
So I'm going to be giving easy exercises that you can use to lose belly fat.
Here are 7 Belly fat loss exercises you can do at home.
They are embedded videos under the listed exercises incase you need to see a procedure or to
follow up with with tutor

1. Flutter kicks
2. Reverse crunches
3. Bicycles
4. Crab toe touches
5. Mountain climber
6. Bench hops
7. Lunges with front kicks

All these are great exercise you can use to reduce belly fat,
They can be also done in one routine make sure to endure. repeat this routine every day for 3-4
weeks for good results and you might not need belly fat loss exercises anymore.

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