Can white hairs turn to their original black color? Is it possible to treat premature white hairs?

You may have heard that grey hair can naturally revert to black. It’s a fallacy that if you bleach it several times or apply chemicals to your head, all colouring will go! 

How are we aware? People occasionally use substances like red fruit juice-containing Kool-Aid to colour their hair (or use wigs). Although these two solutions might initially sound like excellent ideas, the outcomes are not worth the money and time spent on them because everything ends up appearing splotchy rather than sleek and shining; moreover, what the heck are those roots for? We’ve seen far too many post-hair colour disasters where someone forgot to apply something until days later, only to discover their hair colour.

A person’s altered face shape can be used to spot the first signs of ageing. This includes developing wrinkles, sagging skin, and even grey hairs—all of which occur at varying rates for individuals based on the genes they inherited from their parents as well as other factors like stress levels in life or lack thereof due to exercise routines like yoga or meditation techniques.

Years of exposure to direct sunlight result in sunspots. The backs of the hands and feet are the most common locations for these bright areas of skin, known as hyperpigmentation, among middle-aged persons with darker pigmentations, such as Foundation types 1 & 2.

Gaunt hands: As you age, your hands may look thinner and more vascular. This is due to the structural proteins like collagen that help give the skin its structure, gradually becoming more delicate in the uppermost layers.

On the chest, hyperpigmentation can develop from inflammation, especially around noticeable scars. Inflammatory cells cause inflammation, and in response, they produce more melanin; this pigment buildup, along with other symptoms like redness (related), hot flashes/physical stress, and itching, maybe what causes your skin tone or marks.

What contributes to early graying?

Premature graying of the hair has a variety of causes, including both genetic and environmental influences.

1. Hereditary 

Hereditary causes of premature grey hair in men, women, and boys (and girls) are among the main and most frequent causes; as a result, there is a greater likelihood that you will follow in their footsteps. The greying gene develops from birth, and once it manifests itself, there is no turning back the hands of time.

2.Low or absent Melanin Production

Pheomelanin and eumelanin, two pigments, are produced by melanocytes, cells found in hair follicles. Humans’ natural hair colour is created when these pigment molecules combine. Still, as people age, their appearance can change to grey or white depending on whether one type of pigment is present in greater quantity than another. This process is caused by the production of melanosomes, which are found on the surface of cells.

3. Stress – Anyone can experience stress at any time.

Your body’s appearance and how it feels will be influenced by the type of stress you are under, as will any moods or actions you take while feeling this discomfort, whether it be mental, physical, or both!

4. Nutritional and vitamin deficiency 

Vitamin B-12 is a vital and crucial vitamin that supports the health of the nervous system, brain function, and heart muscle growth. Red blood cell production is also aided by it. We require it because our bodies are primarily water (about 90%), proteins like those in meat or fish, and minerals like potassium, which regulate blood pressure.

Are there steps to stop it from happening?

Coconut oil and curry leaves: Are you aware of all the fantastic advantages that coconut oil offers? Add the curry leaves now. The end product is a highly advantageous mixture supporting and nurturing hair development! After using this hydrating treatment, massage your scalp to encourage even more beneficial effects in the roots (and possibly increase complexion too).

Olive oil and ribbed gourd:

The ribbed gourd prevents early greying. The gourds should be diced into small pieces, dried, and soaked in olive oil for three to four days before being boiled until they are dark black (or sacrifice an animal). Next, massage your scalp with this combination at least twice a week.

With the advent of modern hair care products, you can incorporate one of the most traditional treatments for preventing premature greying—onion and lemon juice—into your hair care regimen. With their high Vitamin C content, onions prevent grey hairs and provide a brilliant sheen.

Henna and egg hair pack

This well-known custom of colouring one’s hair with henna is not merely for aesthetic reasons; it can also delay the onset of grey hairs. Applying this age-old treatment with an egg-based mixture will deep condition your hair while nourishing it from the roots up!

Mustard oil: Mustard seed oil is not only delicious in food, but it also works wonders on hair. The beneficial fats, selenium, and antioxidants found in mustard oils will nourish your hair and give it the glossy appearance you want. So stop worrying about going grey because the rich flavour also helps conceal early greying symptoms.


Gray hair that appears in childhood shouldn’t be regarded as premature gray hair, in my opinion. In human perception, becoming grey in your 20s or 30s can be called early grey hair.


Giving your hair ample care is essential, as is strictly according to the remedy’s directions.

While some individuals find it amazing to get gray hair, others despise it so much that they will do anything to get rid of it.

I don’t think you can follow my advice if you are an addicted smoker, but you must get hair coloring.

Non-smokers are aware that it’s not always about color and color. See whether any of these simple home remedies work for you by giving them a try.

1. Combine lemon juice and coconut oil

Coconut oil and lemon juice should be combined, then applied to your hair and combed or brushed through to cover all of the grey hair. Make sure your hair is clean before you do this.

Before washing the mixture off, give it at least two hours to sit on your hair. Use a gentle shampoo if you choose to use one.

Add this to your hair regimen and follow it every day or four to five times a week for at least two months to see results.

Lemon juice is merely used to speed up the reaction; it is not strictly necessary. Please feel free to use coconut oil solely if you are allergic to lemons.

2. Take Supplements for Iron and Biotin

Consume meals and fruits that are high in iron and biotin, or take supplements that a specialist recommends.

Whenever you wish to wash your hair according to your regimen, you can also add unsalted buttermilk with curry leaves to your hair. Before washing your hair, apply it to your hair and let it sit for 30 minutes.

You can get healthy, black hair from the roots by doing this. As suggested by her hairstylist, it worked for a teenage girl; watch how she did it here.

3. Keep Stress at Bay

Stressing out too much can speed up aging. We have some advice for you on how to handle stress, so read on.

Make adjustments to your job schedule so that you have time to care for yourself.

Keep yourself busy and social to keep your mind off difficult things.

When problems develop, ask trusted friends and family for help and guidance.

4. Consume Healthily

You can only feel at ease, think clearly, and perform at your best when your body is balanced with enough nutrients in the proper amounts.

Fruits are excellent at doing this.

5. Use juice from an onion

Studies have indicated that the catalase enzyme, which is abundant in onion juice, aids in the neutralization of hydrogen peroxide. In conclusion, this suggests that onion juice can naturally change white hair back to black.

Just make certain to thoroughly cover the affected area with onion juice; also, let it sit for at least for an hour, and then wash it off.
Do this every day and wait a while because it takes some time for it to completely turn black again. I advise you to see a trichologist if, after a few months, this didn’t help.


Wearing tight headwear should be avoided since it can lead to extreme heat and traction alopecia, a condition that can result in temporary or permanent hair loss. Dandruff may also result from this.

Avoid Using Too Many Synthetic Products: Excessive bleaching and coloring can harm your hair. These are synthetic items, and there are no two ways about it.

Temporarily Cover Gray Hair With Colour: I know this sounds absurd, but let me assure you that you may temporarily conceal grey hair with a natural hair dye (To black). I can assure you that you would enjoy this because some people with gray hair now use it.

Do you know Just For Men? The duration of hair is as follows.


No, both natural and chemical treatments have little effect on facial hair. It’s one of the human hairs that is the most resistant.

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